domingo, 25 de março de 2012


Here is the first text in English ever published in this blog.

As I have been teaching this wonderful language since last june and heading to complete one year like a teacher, I decided to write my first lines using it.

I think I have a gift. More, I think I have discovered what is my gift. It's not music. This talent I could have turned into a gift if I had been really stimulated to this since the childhood days. I'm here not to blame on someone, it's really not the case of. But to emphasize the need of not letting talents die because of circumstances that possibly don't give them the least support for a good growing towards their applying in life. And why not to mention it, to the reign of God, the real target of a use of a gift. After all, He is the source of every gift.

Again, I have noticed my gift is about languages. Late, but not too much, if God allow me, I intend to develop this present. My eyes have been blurred for a long time. I don't want to miss much more time with things that are not designed for me.

As I have said, I have been teaching English. And loving it day after day. Different from my first experience as a teacher (a real disaster!!), now I am really enjoying the thing. And the best of all this, meeting people that worth. Because God is about people, right? If He had created robots, or inverted the order of creation, giving animals the very best part of Himself, surely I would be an animal that would cherish my alikes. So, people readers, I care about you.

I am living in a place somewhat distant from true friends I have made since I am away from Manaus. It's hard to endear and be endeared and, after or during this process, to be set apart. I am a little easygoing. I consider myself as a person kind of easy to be approached. But if I don't exercise it, surely I can turn into a shell. And this is not good for a God's teacher. If my intention is to be used, I could never ever have to abscond or all gifts would drawn.

May God give me chances to do the right things this time, according to His perfect, good and pleasant will.

Et carpe persona.